Andrey Bundin

Andrey Bundin. Composer, sound producer, sound designer, lecturer, Ph.d. Creates academic orchestral and chamber music and music for cinema, theatre and TV.

1. Composing music of different styles and genres: from chamber and orchestra music to contemporary electroacoustic, theatre, cinematic and pop music.
2. Live electronic music performances with Ableton Live software and midi controllers. Especially theatre performances. I started this experience in 2010. Since that time i have had about 30 performances with Poema theatre at such Saint-Petersburg stages as Black box theatre, FISH Fabrique nouvelle, museum of contemporary art Erarta, Open scene theatre, etc..
3. Playing folk stringed musical instruments: balalayka, sitar, saz (Turkish baglama) and some ethnic woodwind instruments.
4. Multichannel music recording and production (Piano solo, ensembles, choir, vocals e.t.c.) with Pro Tools and Cubase. Also I use music technology to create sound recordings of my own works.
5. Development of musical software with Synthedit, max/msp and C++. The works are not published yet. My thoughts on this subject consist of the following thesis: Most modern synthesizers are aimed at creating popular music, so there is a gap in the technologies of academic electroacoustic music. There is a need for development serious universal instruments. The first steps in this direction have already been taken: IRCAM in partnership with Ableton integrated MAX/MSP in Live sequencer. But this is not enough.
6. Senior assistant of the college of music, theatre and choreography in Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia.